It is an independent game development studio with 6 years of experience and knowledge from Istanbul, Turkey


Haunt Chaser is a horror game. Can be played as a Single-player or as a 4v1 party game, and soon it will be played as 4 player co-op adventure game. Chasers need to use all the hunting equipment to banish the evil and save the poor souls from torment while uncovering deeply disturbing secrets.

Haunt Chaser will start with Season One Orphanage. Then it will continue to release more themed seasons for free.

The orphanage is located in an abandoned village, where you will start to experience the terror with other Chasers. The Chaser's goal is to free the spirits of the tormented children from the Orphanage and banishing the evil that plagued the village from this world once and for all.

But remember that, she can feel your soul, every step you take will be heard by the darkness itself. The children didn't know that! At least, Chasers know what is waiting for them there!

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TOOLS of Chasers

Specialist Cameras and Mystic Stone gives you different spectral visions of truth and also with the Camera Chasers can take pictures of it.

EMF Readers will detect the slightest variations in EM fields.

With Parabolic Microphone Chasers will hear the lamentations of the departed souls.

Sigil can be used for preventing the movement of evil through the doors.

Your Magical Ward can be placed to capture and banish evil at least for a while.

Proton Light tool creates a focused high-energy light blast. It's for banishing an entity at least for a while!


Our plan is to add more seasonal content to the game. This includes much more equipment, locations, different threats, and any other deeply disturbing secrets. And any other content we get suggested from the community feedback

Players Feedbacks

Our goal is to create a game that gets our audience excited and to maintain a healthy relationship with those who take the time to provide feedback and help us create a better game. Also, the community will be involved in every step of development like Steam Discussions as well as our Discord server. We will create Private beta sessions for incoming seasons which will be choosing from those who offer us regular feedback

Contact US


We have too many requests but few people to manage these sorts of things and because of that we cannot respond to every message.

If you have a very important matter that you want to contact us about, please send it to us via e-mail. Otherwise please Using Steam and our Discord Channel for FAQ question or Gameplay related questions




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